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Innovative societies and climate-neutral societies project call now open!


Interreg baltic sea region open calls

Do you have a smart project idea how to bring in innovative, water-smart and climate-neutral solutions for the benefit of people around the Baltic Sea? Do you want to develop and apply your solutions transnationally in regions around the Baltic Sea? Would you like to show how the EU values stand for real actions?

If you answer – yes – to these questions, INTERREG BALTIC SEA REGION 2021- 2027 programme calls for your project applications! They offer EU funding for organisations to connect and work as if there were no borders, and provide more than money: to create an environment for working together across borders to let great solutions become common practice.

Focus of the call

The call is open exclusively for applications tackling challenges under Priority 1 and Priority 3.

Priority 1 – Innovative societies

Under the thematic focus of Priority 1, the Programme particularly invites applicants who wish to address the following challenges:

Responding to societal challenges

  • Enhancing disaster preparedness through active engagement of actors at various levels including
    civil society, e.g. improving societal security or improving the ability to respond effectively to
    extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, and other disasters;
  • Safeguarding the well-being and safety of communities, e.g. introducing models and services with
    particular consideration of vulnerable populations or nurturing social and economic initiatives
    responding to recent geo-political challenges tailored to the needs of specific territories and
    population groups;
  • Providing support to businesses undergoing transition, e.g. offering assistance to the creative and
    cultural sector or reducing the dependency of the Baltic Sea region on global supply chains.

Harnessing digitalisation potential

  • Introducing state-of-the-art technologies and tools in the management of public services, e.g.
    development of smart health solutions or inclusive social service aimed at promoting social
  • Deploying digital monitoring to swiftly identify challenges and enable more rapid and effective
    responses, e.g. in the field of biodiversity and climate change.

A detailed description of Priority 1, its objectives and examples of actions to be financed can be found here:  https://interreg-baltic.eu/about/priorities-2021-2027/priority-1-innovative-societies/ and in the tutorials on the Programme objectives published under: https://interreg-baltic.eu/gateway/tutorials/.

Priority 3  – Climate-neutral societies

The Programme exclusively considers core project applications addressing the topic of climate change within the thematic framework of Priority 3 as set out in the Programme Document. On the topic of climate change, the Programme strongly promotes applications that address the
following challenges:

  • Adopting and implementing better integrated and more systemic approaches to planning
    processes in sectors key to mitigating climate change (e.g. infrastructure for alternative fuels,
    green urban logistic systems, infrastructure for renewable energy);
  • Mainstreaming climate-conscious perspective through participatory and inclusive approaches,
    e.g. ensuring fair transition and combating energy poverty or developing accessible mobility
    solutions with the needs of the most vulnerable users and territories in mind;
  • Implementing effective strategies to combat climate change by improving the generation,
    distribution, utilisation and storage of energy through e.g. smart energy systems or utilisation of
    harbours as green energy hubs;
  • Promoting circular practices as a means to address climate change, e.g. supporting businesses
    and communities in taking up circular approaches (e.g. in transport, water, energy and waste


Project idea form (PIF) should be submitted no latter than 17 April 2024.

More information available at https://interreg-baltic.eu/gateway/calls/

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