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SR&ED for businesses

When cooperating with Klaipėda University and other scientific institutions both in Lithuania and abroad, KSTP provides a wide spectrum of scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) services, and offers them to businesses.

Technology transfers can make a significant contribution to companies that are seeking to be innovative and to work as efficiently as possible. Experimental developments (otherwise known as applied research activities) involve systematic work which is based on the knowledge gathered during both scientific research and practical experience, whose goal is to create new materials, technologies, products and devices, in order to install new processes, systems and services, or to essentially improve the ones that have already been created or installed.

A more detailed definition of SR&ED is provided in the Republic of Lithuania’s Law on Science and Studies.  

We will help you to properly evaluate such a technology, and to prepare it for exchanges and commercial success. We will also provide the necessary knowledge and services that will enable your intellectual property to become a guarantee of a successful business. 

An analysis of the procedures and activities applied by your company will help us to create a plan for installing the right technologies and increasing the efficiency of your activities. KSTP is a member of a wide network for global technology transfers and with scientific research structures; therefore, we can offer complex and efficient technological solutions that will satisfy the technological needs of every company. For the installation of modern technological processes that will become the usual functions for the activities of a company, we also organise training sessions and consultations.

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