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Blockchain and IoT Technologies for Transport Seminar/Workshop


Blockchain and IoT Technologies for Transport Seminar/Workshop




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Today’s world is facing the growing influence of digitalisation on the economy and different business sectors. Transport is no exception here: supply chains have evolved info highly complex value networks and turned into vital source of competitive advantage. The application of the IoT can help companies to observe, track and monitor products, activities and processes. When combined, IoT and Blockchain technology have the potential to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of modern supply chains.

The upcoming event, hosted by Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, will become a platform to share knowledge about the implementation of Blockchain and IoT Technologies for Transport. Great opportunity to discuss the topic and practical examples with the experts of this field and strengthen the positions for boosting the competitiveness of our business,  so do not miss it an make your REGISTRATION now. 

The event will gather speakers and participants form Lithuania, Germany, Poland and for a day, fully charged up with the most relevant information and valuable insights.

Seminar/Worksop is organized in the framework of the project Connect2SmallPorts.

When: 6 February 2020.

Where: Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, Vilhelmo Berbomo Str. 10, Klaipėda, Lithuania.

Target audience: professionals/ specialists in transport & logistics.


Giovanni Di Noto – Board Adviser on Technology for organizations such as cloudyBoss, a global industrial DLT provider and others. Giovanni also oversees Software Quality Management in Omega Technology, a world-leading provider of “wide-scale multi-tier complex project” management tools.

Giovanni has a double academic and industry background in both business (energy, health, construction, banking, manufacturing, complex supply chain and other sectors) and technology (digital electronics, mainframe, cloud, DLT and quantum computing), sharpened over the past 3 decades with brilliant teams of inspiring professionals who have made their mark and keep on thriving across many sectors of the hyper-connected world stage.

Evaldas Kaziulis represents Emerson Automation Solutions, a global automation technology and engineering company, recognized by IoT Breaktrhough as the third year in a row to launch IoT.

Evaldas is responsible for selling Emerson Automation Solutions products  in Europe and helping clients achieve their goals in digital transformation.


Prof. Vytautas Paulauskas/ Klaipėda Shipping Research Center.



Egidijus Vileišis/ UAB „PROFIBUS”

UAB PROFIBUS was founded in 2001 in Panevėžys. The nucleus of the company‘s employees are highly qualified engineers with many years of experience in the fields of electronics, automation and industrial robot installation, service and automation of technological processes. The company has been the official representative of the Japanese company YASKAWA – MOTOMAN  for Lithuania and Latvia since 2008. By date we have installed and currently service over 90 industrial robots in Lithuania and Latvia.



The event is free of charge.

The seminar/ workshop will be held in English.


Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas

Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10, LT-92221 Klaipėda

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