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The EU-funded COOL BLUE project (short for „Community Ocean Farms and Local Business Clusters„) is launching a brand new platform for ocean regenerators under coolbluefuture.org

Ocean farmers and gardeners cultivate species which benefit the environment, like mussels, seaweed, and oysters. In turn, they ensure environmental health and economic prosperity for coastal communities. Through collaboration with locals, scientists, and policymakers, ocean farmers and gardeners strive for a future where oceans thrive alongside human activity. Join us in our mission to promote sustainable practices, raise awareness, and foster a cooler, bluer future for generations to come.

Besides being a hub for community-led, ocean regeneration projects and initiatives, coolbluefuture.org will be a training and networking forum for incipient ocean farmers to learn the basics of ocean farming, why it’s important and how you can make a difference to your community and your coastlines.

Join us on Friday 7th June @ 12:00 PM CET ahead of World Ocean Day (8th June) for a sneak preview of the platform, future plans and to pledge your support for the Cool Blue Manifesto.

Registration: https://bluebiomatch.hivebrite.com/events/147331

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