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24 months. 2023.10.01 – 2025.09.30

Total Project Budget: 749,922.34 EUR

Partner Budget:
67,196 EUR (ERPF co-financing 13,440 EUR)

Horizon Europe –the framework programme for research and innovation (2021-2027) – EMFAF 


Cool Blue Baltic

About the project. A two-year project that aims to create a network of Regenerative Ocean Farming (ROF) initiatives.

Expected results: The project will assess the interest and feasibility of establishing new RAO sites through multi-stakeholder co-assessment workshops, while developing six ongoing collaboration frameworks (key deliverables ) to create favorable conditions for regenerative ocean farming, including measures to monitor regenerative ocean impacts on farms in Baltic water ecosystems. The project will consist of eight exploitation events in participating Baltic Sea region countries to initiate a public international movement to engage coastal communities in ecological restoration and regenerative ocean farming initiatives.

Application/Relevance: COOL BLUE BALTIC will provide concrete examples of ecosystem restoration, viable business models and social innovation to reorient future fishermen and/or farmers to diversify their income through regenerative aquaculture (i.e. regenerative ocean farming).

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