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Estimation, monitoring and reduction of plastic pollutants in Latvian-Lithuanian coastal area via innovative tools and awareness raising (ESMIC).

Project aimed to develop a sustainable, cost-effective framework for plastic litter detection, monitoring and management in marine and coastal environments. Absence of physical coastal borders between Latvia and Lithuania means that actions taken in one country might affect the other. Plastic that accumulates in algal wracks on the shore or in algal scum might be a target area for plastic pollution estimation and mitigation measures. The project aimed to link remotely sensed features (Earth observation from space and drones) with marine plastic litter in such areas and suggest a joint and efficient approach for monitoring and management, which can be used by municipalities or national authorities in Lithuania and Latvia.

Moreover, in relation with a single-use plastic ban from the year 2021 project aimed to screen alternatives to replace single-use plastic, assess environmental, social and economical impact of marine litter pollution and its reduction, engage consumers, retailers, local municipalities, industry representatives, residents, environmental groups and tourism associations – to ensure broad support of a ban of single plastic use in coastal areas.

Project outputs:

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