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LNG competence centre

Opening of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) competence centre in Klaipėda became a significant event for the Lithuanian LNG cluster members in the year 2016. A modern training infrastructure, which was marshalled in business incubator of Klaipėda University (KU), will serve the LNG terminal engineering students, as well as the specialists from Lithuania and abroad working in that field.

The opening of LNG competence centre is an evidence of purposeful activity and strategy of cluster supported by all its members. Great momentum of the establishment of such a centre has become the program of LNG terminal engineering technology degree that was launched at the Klaipėda University this year. 

These students is a critical mass of future specialists, which is essential for the development of the LNG market in Klaipėda – a seaport who has strong ambitions to become LNG distribution and technology centre in the Baltic Sea region that generates new job places and is able to attract international companies working in the field of LNG.

The possibility to get a very close knowledge of the LNG technological processes and to work with the special equipment opens up a lot of space for the rapid development of students. 

All members of the cluster take care of the development of LNG competence centre and unite their forces for this purpose. The USA Corporation of automation solutions Emerson has become the first solid sponsor during the creation of a new training infrastructure that donated a modern and valuable equipment. 

Based on an open access principle, the companies will also be able to use the infrastructure of LNG competence centre for training purposes. This is expected that this will greatly contribute to the expansion of business competitiveness in the field of LNG technology. 

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