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For start-up businesses

Whether you are planning to establish a new business or are a company that has already started its activities, there are often a lot of questions and many challenges that are encountered. At these stages, professional help is especially useful. The KSTP team will help you to define clear guidelines for developing your business, measuring the risks and making the right decisions in order to avoid any painful mistakes. 

New companies or start-ups may find some useful information during the events organised by KSTP. Participating in the projects and competitions for developing entrepreneurial competence will provide you with valuable experiences and will serve you well when establishing the features of your leaders. Are you interested? Subscribe to the KSTP newsletter and you can keep up with the information which can be found in the News and Events sections!


Attention: In 2020 the international blue biotechnology accelerator program was launched, which is implemented within the framework of the Alliance+ project.

Having assembled a strong team of mentors, the accelerator, whose partner is the Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, will help innovative ideas from the entire Baltic Sea region become tangible products and services.

We invite innovators, startups, technology developers and companies to apply and contact us for consultations.

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Forming a business model

The business logic of a company is expressed through its business model. It describes the value that the company is offers to its clients, and the network of partners that will be engaged for the creation, marketing and distribution of this value, while seeking to generate a profitable and continuous flow of company income.

Searching for partners and investors 

Since 2002 KSTP has formed a very broad network of cooperation, covering both players in the business arena of Lithuania and companies that are operating abroad. We will help you to find the necessary contacts, prepare for your presentations and to establish relations, which will strengthen the potential of your business and its position in the market.

Support in creating the prototype of a product

We will offer you the possibility to use AutoCAD and SolidWorks software, a 3D printer and metal processing equipment that is meant for small scale production and the creation of prototypes. In case it is necessary at some point, we can also organise consultations with specialists in engineering or other fields.


 Incubation of new companies

For the creators and developers of innovative products, we can provide a platform for a successful start in Telia HUB or another business incubator. A newly establishing company will be offered not only premises/working space, but also any necessary consultations and even a possibility to work expediently with mentors from successfully operating companies, or from other institutions or organisations.


We will provide you with information on the issues related to establishing and managing a business, work safety, accounting and other matters of concern. These services are provided free of charge.

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