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Experimental facility for aquaculture

Why aquaculture?

KSTP identified priority areas – so-called green and blue (marine) technologies. Aquaculture is closely related to them, so KSTP pays a lot of attention to this industry.

Aquaculture is the breeding and growing of fish and other aquatic organisms under suitable artificial conditions. It is an extremely important and promising industry that supplies the world with important animal proteins. The application of advanced technologies in aquaculture can contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Briefly about the base.

Aquaculture can be developed both in seas or ponds, and in closed recirculation systems. The latter was installed at the aquaculture experimental base that started operating in Klaipėda in 2018. The initiative to establish it was taken by KSTP, which closely cooperates with Klaipėda University (KU).

Scientists at the base not only conduct various tests and research, but also transfer knowledge to students – for this purpose Aquaculture Competence Center was established in 2018 with the joint efforts of the university and KSTP. in 2020 After KSTP became the leading partner of the international project “AquaVIP”, the preparatory work for the establishment of the South Baltic Aquaculture Competence Center, which unites similar bases and specialists in several countries, began.

Shrimp for the first experiment, which was carried out at the Klaipėda base, were not chosen by chance – it is a rather expensive product with valuable nutritional properties. It makes sense to look for ways to develop technologies and adopt knowledge that enable large-scale shrimp farming, which would open up new opportunities for business. The region of Western Lithuania, which is characterized by large geothermal water and energy resources, has good prospects. Geothermal water can be used for salting aquaculture water. In addition, growing shrimp in closed systems requires large amounts of energy to heat the water – geothermal water could also be used here.

Shrimp farming process.

Shrimps are grown in 8 large tanks filled with water enriched with different chemical elements. The system has a special biofilter. The water temperature is around 28 degrees.

The closed-type system installed in the experimental base is water-saving and extremely environmentally friendly. Most of the shrimp that end up on our tables are farmed in South Asia, which amounts to an ecological disaster, as ponds are dug for this purpose in areas cleared from the jungle. After these are emptied, the territories resemble wastelands for many years until nature recovers.

Results and potential.

During the first stage of the experiment, about 400 kg of pale white-legged shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) were grown in Klaipėda.

The project successfully attracted business attention to this industry – a number of inquiries from various companies are received, the base is regularly visited by delegations who want to familiarize themselves with closed-loop systems and look into possible new business niches.

Today, Klaipėda has already accumulated the necessary knowledge and prepared specialists who can provide the necessary consultations, and the experimental base itself is a very valuable resource in order to carry out scientific research, model aquaculture systems, and develop the competences of young specialists needed for the aquaculture industry.

A message to the youth!

Aquaculture is an extremely promising industry, so specialists in this field are very needed and appreciated. Great opportunities to become one of them: study at Klaipėda University and lay the foundation for a successful career!

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