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Technology evaluation and commercialization

Founding a technology evaluation group

Relevant technology evaluation guarantees its wide application and commercial success. In order to ensure the maximal application and commercial effect of a new technology special evaluation groups able to assess the applicability and commercialization possibilities of a new technology have to be formed. The evaluation competences of the group are directly connected with the efficiency of the technological exchange. The KSTP experts will help you to duly evaluate the technology and prepare it for an exchange and commercial success.

Choosing a relevant evaluation methodology and its application

Technology evaluation is a thorough and complex process which requires special competences and tools. One of the major aspects in evaluation of a technology application is choosing the relevant methodology and application. The KSTP team will select the right evaluation methodology and evaluates your technology by: 

  • stating technology peculiarities
  • defining influential technologies
  • describing the position of the technology in the context of other related technologies
  • preparing a technology evaluation report

Technology commercialization services enable launching a client‘s technology into the market. The qualified specialist of the KSTP will provide all necessary knowledge and services to turn your intellectual property into a guarantee of a successful business.

Preparation of a technical feasibility study

Evaluation of technical feasibility of technology commercialization, its market and commercial potential is the essential technology commercialization aspect which ensures a commercial perspective of the technology, its application fields and their commercial perspective as well.

Preparation of a business plan

Preparation of a business plan for technology commercialization is a plan for turning a technology or knowledge into a commercial activity. The competent KSTP team will write a business plan for attracting investments and successful business development.

Involvement of Partners

Involvement of partners means involvement of related structures, necessary for the technology potential. Success of every business and technology depends on the environment and partners, which are needed to ensure the functions of your activity: infrastructure, experts, potential uses (clients, investors, supporting technologies). By employment of a wide communication network and the experience of clustering process, the KSTP specialists will help you to form a partner unit, which will guarantee a success of your business.

Capital formation

Capital formation is communication with investment structures in search for the capital, necessary for business activities. In Lithuania risk capital and business angel’s funds are just emerging, therefore, it is rather complicated to ensure a successful financing in the local market. With the help of partners from Western Europe and the USA, the KSTP specialists will enable you to find contacts with potential investors and form the necessary initial capital for your business or will help you to sell your intellectual property.

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