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Technology search and implementation

Technology need statement / technology audit

A technology audit is necessary to define technological needs of an enterprise. This is the analysis of an enterprise procedures and activity. A technology audit has to show the possibilities of an enterprise to implement innovative solutions and the activity fields which need technological solutions. The outcome of a technological audit is a technology implementation and efficiency increase plan.

Preparation of a technological offer – enquiry

In order to ensure the maximum compliance to the needs of an individual company it is necessary to formulate a technology offer including a list of technologies for efficiency increase at a target enterprise and experts’ conclusions. The KSTP is a member of a wide international technology transfer and scientific research net, which enables to offer especially complex and efficient technological solutions corresponding to the individual needs of any enterprise.

Technology implementation is a training process, presenting knowledge of the new technology usage. The technology implementation service is to help enterprises aiming to apply technological innovation solutions in their activity for creating conditions of successful technology use. The KSTP specialists hold training sessions and consultations so that technological processes would become usual functions in an enterprise or company activity. The aim of the training is get the authorities and company staff acquainted with the technological innovations.

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